5 Simple Ways to Up Your Style Game

5 Simple Ways to Up Your Style Game

Looking to infuse some funk and boho-style into your wardrobe? Here are 5 easy ways to break out of your style comfort zone.


1. Don’t say no to boho

Boho is all about prints, colors, and an easy going vibe. If you’ve been wanting to inject this vibe into your wardrobe, start by adding one piece. Looks for a shirt or skirt in a color palette you love such as the blues of the ocean, a garden of pinks and purples, or autumn foliage.
If you love the bright colors of summer such as coral or turquoise but aren’t ready to wear it in your clothing, then try a pair of beaded earrings or a wrap bracelet.

2. Bring it on at the beach

We love a relaxing day at the beach. When it’s time to take a break from the sun, throw on a long or mid-length sheer kimono as a cover up. It's both stylish and adds just the right amount of sexy.   

3. Just add jewelry

If you love nature like we do at tribe, bring natural elements into your jewelry box. Silver leaf earrings, a bracelet made of natural stones, or go for a more whimsical approach with flowers, birds, or bees. 

4. Choose wisely

Buy pieces of clothing that easily transition through the seasons. It's both a money saver and a way to help keep closet clutter at bay. For example, a kimono is a cute layering piece in the spring, a cover up at the beach in the summer, or with a tank, jeans or leggings and boots in the fall. 

5. Own it girl!

Style is all about what makes YOU feel good – not what anyone else thinks. So, if something makes you happy, own it! Because when you’re happy, you radiate beauty from the inside out – and happiness is always in style!
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